Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What kind of wood do you use in the production of saunas?

    Only dry, planed and calibrated wood.

  • 2. Is it possible to change the internal layout?

    Yes, it can be according to the customer’s wishes and needs.

  • 3. What kind of floor can I choose in the sauna room?

    97% of customers choose tiles.

  • 4. Can a toilet and a shower be installed?

    Yes. Showers are made of tiles, a boiler or instantaneous heater can be installed.

  • 5. Are there slopes on the sauna floor?


  • 6. What is the largest sauna you can manufacture?

    Maximum 4m x 10m.

  • 7. Can I choose the colours of the sauna?


  • 8. Are the saunas fully finished and ready for use?

    All saunas are ready for use, but the product can be without stones (depends on the agreement) and it is necessary to light the furnace several times before using the sauna.

    Saunas with stacked stones are not transported: you need to have your own stones, wash them before use and stack them yourself. We can deliver stones for an additional fee.

  • 9. Do you transport products?

    Products can be transported by our partner or by a carrier of your own choice. There are separate prices for the product and transportation. If necessary, we can install the products in the location of your choice.

    Questions are coordinated with the carrier itself, e.g. in the selected place, there is a free space required for transporting the dimensions of the product at least 4m wide and 4.50m high, a tractor or other equipment is ready if there is a risk of the vehicle getting stuck, etc.

  • 10. Do you prepare poles for the product?

    Poles are not included in the price, the customer takes care of the poles himself.

  • 11. Is there a warranty for the product?